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Building Bridges with Youth to Live Safe, Drug Free, and Healthy Lives

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Strengthening Youth-Strengthening Communities!  Currently working to educate the communities in our state on how early intervention-prevention creates change & saves lives.


Do You Know the Facts??

Find reliable resources regarding effects of marijuana on teens - see parent or teen pages for links. To get involved see Community page.


WARNING: The pot today is not the pot of yesterday.


Lifeways Evaluation Report for 2013-2014 is available by contacting our office.

Also see the important statistics below.  




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About Lifeways

Our Purpose is to:
  • connect and empower youth to discover and pursue what they truly love to do,
  • so they have a reason to "say no" to alcohol and drugs' artificial high
  • rather than "say no," they will say, "I know!"

Lifeways provides alcohol and drug prevention, intervention and outpatient counseling services in Rapid City and Custer middle and high schools.

We reach out to the community to:

  • create a positive and healthy environment in which to raise children and teenagers
  • work with youth in order to greatly improve their lives: Healthy, Happy, Productive!


Did you know . . .

  • Nationally, South Dakota teens rank
    • 2nd highest for binge drinking at 26%
    • 5th highest for driving after drinking at 11%
  • Underage youth in South Dakota consume nearly 24% of alcohol sold
  • In 2013, Rapid City youth report the following substance use:
    • 27.8% report use of alcohol
    • 18.6% report use of marijuana
    • 19.5% report use of cigarettes
    • 3.7% report use of prescription medication
    • 4.1% report use of synthetic drugs
    • 1.7% report use of methamphetamines
  • Youth focus groups indicate
    • Decrease in perception of harm from meth and marijuana
    • Significant increase in teens saying:
      • Marijuana is medicine and it should be legalized.
      • Marijuana is legal so it's safe.

How can you help?

You can help in several ways:

  • Attend the Lifeways Partners for Health Coalition Meeting contact 716-6555
  • Financial donations
  • Volunteer to help with an event
  • Offer to provide snacks, program materials or
  • Join our Lifeways Community Coalition--see our Community Page

More About Us

The Lifeways Board Of Directors is a ten-member board with a diverse background in business, law enforcement, education, juvenile justice and students. 

  • Lifeways believes in the value of youth voices being included in our work.
  • We have three youth board positions on our Board of Directors;  Youth and Adults working shoulder to shoulder.
  • Authentically engaging young people is the heartbeat of Lifeways' work in the schools and community outreach. 

Our Values
Competence, Integrity, Innovation, Communication, Teamwork

Our Mission
"Building Bridges with Youth to Live Safe, Drug Free and Healthy Lives."

Our Vision
"Youth and Families: Accepted, Inspired, Healthy."          

Lifeways Board of Directors and Staff

Board Members: Sandy Klarenbeek, Chair; Pamela Chapman Holloway, Co-Chair; Cheryl Chapman, Treasurer; Paula Wilkinson Smith, Secretary; Carol Nielsen; Officer Tim Doyle; Khahill Ford, Central High School; Brittany Foelling - Rapid City High School; Shannon Nesland - Stevens High School; 

Lifeways Staff:  Danielle Meyer, Paula Long Fox, Chelle Sorensen Schefcik, Kelsey Hansen, Michelle Mott, Michelle Ames, Luke Wenker, Rebecca Andrew, DeVee Zuniga 


"It is in the shelter of each other that the people live." Old Irish Proverb


Contact us for more information about alcohol and drug prevention, intervention and outpatient counseling services.

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.





Lifeways  First Annual  Photography  Contest

Get Ready To Focus for that perfect picture:  Lifeways Photography Contest submissions beginning August 15TH to September 5th.


There will be cash prizes for the Top 3 Photos for each category for Youth & Adults. We even have a Professionals Category.

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